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The unusual supernova 1987A

 V5117 Sagittarii DK Lynch, RW Russell, y RJ Rudy, La Aeroespacial Corporation; y CE Woodward, de la Universidad de Minnesota. Fotometrias visuales de magnitud por A. Pearce, Nedlands, W. Australia: febrero 20.842 UT, 10.1; 21,844, 10,1. CCD roja de magnitud de D. Mendicini, Santa Fe, Argentina (proporcionado por E. Waagen, AAVSO): marzo 24.208, 10.5.


V andB light curves for supernova 1987A covering some 120 days from the outburst are here presented and discussed; they are shown to be rather atypical for a type II supernova. The absolute magnitude at maximum brightness is also analyzed, and after applying a correction for interstellar absorption we obtainM V, max, 0 =−16.1, andM B, max, 0 =−14.7; is is then concluded that 1987A is a supernova quite fainter than average. A comparison with other known supernova is made and some similarity is found with peculiar objects such as 1948B in NGC 6946, and probably, 1909 A in M 101.

RS Ophiuchi A. Siviero y U. Munari, Istituto Nazionale di Astrofísica, Padova-Asiago. Magnitudes CCD de RS Oph proporcionadas por E. Waagen, AAVSO (banda V magnitudes menos que se indique lo contrario): marzo 16.448 UT, 9.2 (R. James, Las Cruces, NM); 16.452, 9.172 (S. Dvorak, Clermont, FL); 22,438, 9.4 (Santiago); 23,427, 9.5 (Santiago); 24,429, 9.6 (James); 26.281, R=8,15 (D. Mendicini, Santa Fe, Argentina)

MPEC 2006-L18 : OBSERVATIONS OF COMETS. The Minor Planet Electronic Circulars contain information on unusual minor planets and routine data on comets. They are published on behalf of Commission 20 of the International Astronomical Union by the Minor Planet Center, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Cambridge, MA 02138, U.S.A. I05 Las Campanas Observatory-TIE. Observer D. Mendicini. 0.35-m f/7.0 Cassegrain + CCD.


Observation Campaign of SS 433 in April 2006. A radio-IR-optical-X-ray observation campaign of SS 433 has been performed in April 2006, when the jet axis is almost perpendicular to the line of sight. Five flares have been detected during the campaign by radio monitoring observation with RATAN-600. The X-ray astronomical satellite Suzaku observed the source in and out of eclipse. In the X-ray data out of eclipse, the flux shows a significant variation with a time scale of hours. The source seems to be in the active state during the campaign. The observation logs and preliminary results are presented. Photometry: 53834.24931 — V: 1 D. J. Mendicini. 53837.44860 53837.44990 B: 1, V: 1 D. J. Mendicini.

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Evidence of Asymmetry in SN 2007rt, a Type IIn Supernova. An optical photometric and spectroscopic analysis of the slowly-evolving Type IIn SN2007rt is presented, covering a duration of 481 days after discovery. The autor ar the grateful for the feedback fron the referee and to Danel Mendicini for providing a number oj photometric data points.

Mendicini, Daniel Jose, Los grandes enigmas actuales en Astrofísica y
Manual de capacitacion docente 2018. 14 olimpiadas de Geografia de la Republica Argentina. (pag 261-269)

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Mendicini, Daniel Jose:  La "Geografía" de nuestro sistema solar , Manual de capacitacion docente 2020. 16 olimpiadas de Geografia de la Republica Argentina. (pag 101-106)

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Mendicini, Daniel Jose: Revista Universo Nro 65: " Comisión de estrellas variables y reapertura del observatorio astronómico del Centro de Observadores del Espacio". (Pag 20-22) .

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